Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Is Setting Up a Briquetting Plant Profitable Business?

Biomass briquettes are used all over the world as a kind of organic energy, which has been used to produce renewable source of fuel. Know why setting up a briquetting plant is a profitable business.

Today, there is an immense need of renewable source of energy because fuel is the lifeline of any industry. It is also required in our day to day lives, but the conventional source of fuels like coal, petroleum and lignite are depleting at an alarming rate, so there has to be some alternative source of fuel. This is possible by setting up a briquetting plant through which briquettes or biomass fuels are produced.

India is primarily an agricultural country and every year tonnes of agro wastes are left in open that cause pollution or are unused. Therefore it is important to find a way out through which these resources can be put to use. The biomass derivatives from plants are stalks, leaves, branches etc. Starting a briquetting plant project is a profitable venture. The briquetting plant machine suppliers have already realised this and are investing in this business initiative.

The Process of Setting up a Plant

The process is quite simple, pollution free and viable in biomass producing areas. The raw material should be available abundantly, which are saw dust, ground nut shell, sugar cane baggase, bamboo dust, wheat husk etc. The plant can be run round-the-clock with different types of briquetting machines like biomass dryer.

Right from inception of an idea to execution proper planning is required. Biomass is also known as white coal and it is a replica of conventional fuels that have zero percent carbon content. Usually the briquetting machines are engineered depending upon the profile of the raw materials. It is wiser to install the plant in region where agro waste is readily available.

How this is a Cheaper Source of Fuel?

Besides being a cheaper source of fuel, it is known for its binderless technology and most important the government and significant authorities have understood its importance. The reputed briquetting machine manufacturers are sparing no means to sanction funds for this project because this project also gives various tax benefits and incentives.

At the end of the day biomass fuel is eco-friendly and cheaper, known for its high thermal calorific value, there is no sulphur content, easy to transport and proportionate as compared to other fuel. It gives sustained fuel and has lower ignition point. Sometimes it can also be mixed with firewood and coal to improve the burning efficiency.

It is worth investing in a briquetting plant project for its high profitability, easy return on investments, high potential for employment and leads to conversation of natural resources. In India alone the project has been lucrative in states like Gujarat and North India. In future it has more prospects and the opportunities are innumerable.

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