Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Development of Briquetting Press Machines in India

India has enormous energy needs and it is increasingly difficult to meet these requirements through traditional means of power generation.  Therefore India is developing domestic energy sources to satisfy the growing demands.

With growing industrialization there is a growing inability in India to generate clean and affordable energy. Presently, the centralized model of power generation, distribution and generation is becoming too expensive to maintain. This restricts the flexibility to meet the growing demands of energy. Therefore the government needs to encourage a decentralized business model in order to take abundantly available renewable sources  like wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, hydrogen energy, fuel cells and geothermal. Though India is blessed with all these natural resources yet it spends millions to but non-renewable sources of energy like coal, oil and natural gas.

The Future of Biomass Energy in India

To secure the energy future in India, it urgently needs to implement and design innovative policies which will promote increased use of renewable source of energy. Investment in this technology can create new jobs and help in economic stimulus. The transition to 100 percent renewable energy is not only affordable and but possible. India has developed number of energy business models but none has been efficient enough to adopt the renewable energy expansion plans.

A policy like briquetting of biomass can help to save fuel and reduce carbon footprint on Earth. This project is related to bio-energy and under this project biomass briquettes are produced which is also known as white coal in the industry. Basically it is the replica of coal and is more efficient than other kinds of fuel. It is produced from agro-waste and the combustion does not produce any kind of pollution.

The briquetting press machine is designed to manufacture forestry waste, industrial waste and agro waste which is processed to produce biomass briquettes. The machine is engineered and designed upon the properties of the raw material which is readily available in rural India so the best sites are near to save on transportation cost. Given the huge availability of agro waste in India there are various installations that produce this green energy.

Briquetting Press Machines

These advanced and innovative briquetting press machines are the best replacement for fossil fuels like coal and petroleum products. The unique feature is that they can convert them into briquettes without any binding or chemicals. The machine ties-up the raw material by heat or high pressure. This does not require any external heating hence this technology is known binderless technology.

With the coming up of the Super 65 Machine, the model is supported  by a powder making unit which converts the raw material into powder form before it is processed into biomass. It is best suitable to achieve minimum capital expenditure. Today the briquetting technology has become a dependable source of energy, is cheaper and does not require huge capital investment. has initiated the briquetting project in India which converts biomass into renewable source of energy and is a substitute to conventional source of fuel.