Friday, 19 December 2014

Get Safe, Clean And Renewable Source Of Energy With Biomass Briquettes

Uncontrollable increase in pollution has compelled people all across the globe to look for alternate and renewable energy sources. There are number of renewable energy sources available like bio energy, wind energy, solar energy and sea energy, but the source that has gained the most popularity is biomass briquetting. The common feature of all these sources is their contribution in pollution prevention. Bio energy gets the highest marks due to its capability to control pollution in multiple ways. Starting from the manufacturing, till final use and dumping, it is completely safe for the environment and the users. These are basically used as the fuel source in industry boilers.

Though increase in number of industries has helped in economical growth, these have caused hazardous threats for the environment. From emitting harmful gases to improper dumping of waste, these just create problems for the surroundings and society. Biomass briquetting plant suppliers help the industrialists use the waste effectively and protect the society they work in. In an agriculture based country like India, there is huge availability of agriculture waste like unused crop, weeds and other materials. All these materials are processed in briquetting machines under extreme pressure to create eco-friendly briquettes.

Be it rural area, industrial area or urban area of any developing country, briquettes are equally important and helpful. This proves to be more helpful in rural areas where electricity or LPG gas is not available and people are forced to use coal and other harmful fuel sources, which emit hazardous gases. These are cost effective also. Many people are still dependent on wood for energy source, but this is gradually harming our environment. We are already facing multiple problems due to tree cutting, in this situation briquettes prove to a boon. Dung cakes, which is a common energy source in villages and black coal emit harmful gases and create air pollution, which is perfectly controlled by briquetting press machines.

Fuel works as the most important material for many industries like brick making, metal etc. Increasing price of petrol, coal and diesel has created alarming situation and has compelled the buyers to look for alternative sources. Briquettes are working as this alternate source. There are different machines like Super 65 Machine, which the industries can also install at their plants to produce briquettes and get a cheaper energy source.

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Why Biomass Briquetting Press Is Required To Make Bio Fuel

Before moving on to the necessity of biomass briquetting press, I would like to clear what it exactly is. Briquetting is a technique to recycle agriculture waste and produce bio fuel. In this process the wood waste and other waste is compressed under high temperature in the briquetting machine and logs are made.

Why this has become a necessity?

The major contributing factor that has made this technique so popular is its eco-friendly quality. Briquettes press machines don't use any kind of chemical to bond the briquettes as it is done by the thermo-plastic flow of the biomass. When compared with other fossil fuels, these prove to be more energy efficient and economical.

The final product you get from the briquetting process is an environ-friendly bio fuel. This clean and green fuel is considered to be the best energy source in furnaces, boilers and open fires. If you compare the density of briquettes with black coal, you will find it much higher, which helps the briquettes to burn for longer than other fuels.

Based on the type of waste and industries to be used in, these machines are available in different sizes and models. Supreme 75 model is one of the most demanded categories of this machine. This model is best in the industrial market as you don't need continuous supervision and can easily handle the machine solely.

Looking at the huge potential of this market, many companies that used to deal in fossil fuels have now shifted to biomass briquetting. This not just helps them save money on traditional fuels, but also helps them save environment. By using this fuel source you can have a control on the emission of carbon in the atmosphere and can get pure air to breathe. This quality of the briquettes makes them safe option for indoor heating and cooking also.

Manufacturers of briquetting press machines are coming up with advanced machines with unmatched features. These efficient machines work with maximum accuracy and offer excellent fuel source converted from industrial, agriculture and forestry waste. These can be easily used in different industries including textile, rubber, food processing, spinning mills and brick yards.

In a situation where major concern of everyone is to protect the environment from further deterioration, briquetting comes as a miracle. This is a perfect technique to create healthy and pollution free ambiance and give our coming generation a healthy place to live life. This is a nice product you must use for energy production and save our natural resources.

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