Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Briquettes, A Bio Fuel, Helps Reduce The Carbon Footprints In The Environment

Increase in carbon emission directly affects the environment and due to that the temperature of the earth rises and thereby it leads to global warming. We all know about the aftermath of global warming, yet except discussing or talking about it for hours we hardly do anything about it. However, if we all start contributing our part of responsibilities we can up to an extent can save the environment from getting polluted. For instance, if walk or use a mode of transportation which does not need fuel like cycle, rickshaw, and cart driven by an animal for short distances instead of burning fuel of our vehicles, it will certainly help in curbing the carbon presence in the environment. Apart from this it has been witnessed that quantum of fuel is spent at traffic lights, so if vehicles waiting due to red light to flash can turn their ignition off till traffic light turns green.

The biggest share of carbon emission is added up from manufacturing units where they use coal or diesel in their manufacturing process. Use of Fossil fuels like Coal and Petroleum products (petrol and diesel) for production process emit heavy amount of poisonous gases which amounts to severe pollution predicaments. Nevertheless, if these manufacturing units start using Bio Fuel for their production process, the emission problem will drop down significantly. The Bio Fuel for manufacturing process comes in the form of Briquettes. These Briquettes when lit up do not emit any harmful gas as they are eco-friendly and are made up of Agro waste, Forest waste, and Municipal waste.

To produce Briquettes it requires a Briquette Machine. This Briquette Machine is an assembled body of various components like Hammer Mill, Screw Conveyor, Boilers, and Cyclone & Air Lock. Once the raw material arrives in the Briquetting plant, it is first processed under crusher cum shredder to make uneven pieces of waste into small pieces. In next process, the raw material extracted from Crusher cum Shredder is then put into Turbo Dryer. This Dryer evaporates the moisture content present in the raw material and after that this dried material in the form of powder is put into Briquetting Machine to produce Briquettes.

Agricultural Waste:

Groundnut Shell – After taking out seeds from groundnuts, the shells (outer part) of groundnuts are thrown out. They are then collected in bags and are transported to the Briquetting plants.

Sugarcane Trash – Once the juice of sugarcane is extracted by pressing and squeezing it through a machine, the residue which is left is called Bagasse. This mass of Bagasse is collected from sugarcane factories and sent to the Briquetting Plants.

Coconut Shell – The outer part of Coconut Shell is also used as the raw material for making Bio fuel. Once the water and the eatable stuff from a coconut are taken out, the remaining hard and jute part is brought to the Briquetting plants. 

Rice Husk or Hulls – Rice Husks or Hulls are the hard outer surface of paddy which is separated from the rice through the process of winnowing. When the process of Winnowing is completed the mass of residue left is collected from the fields and rice mills and is transported to Briquetting plants.

Forestry Waste:

Wood chips – The tiny parts of wood which come out when a wood log goes through smoothening process are called Wood chips. These wood chips are also one of the sources of Bio-Fuel by processing it through Briquetting Machine.  

Tree Bark – Dried outer surface falling out of a tree in slices are called Tree Bark. In earlier times, these tree barks were used for cooking food items in kitchens. These barks are also used as a raw material for producing Briquettes.

Palm Waste – After taking out oil from Palm the remaining part is also used for procuring Bio fuel and for that the mass of Palm waste is processed in the Briquetting Machine.

Thus, use of Briquettes in place of fossil fuels in manufacturing process is order of the day which helps maintain the environment clean and green. For purchasing Briquetting Machines in India, there are some of the best Briquetting Machine Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of supreme quality of heavy-duty Briquette Machine and to produce high inflammable energy and Supreme 75 Briquetting Machine is one such machine. is one of the trusted brands in the manufacturing of Briquette Machines in India and South-Asia. It has been manufacturing, supplying, and exporting high quality of Briquetting Machines for more than two decades.