Friday, 29 May 2015

Which Are Some of The Easily Recyclable Materials?

If you compare your life and the amount of trash you create during lifetime, it is around 600 times of your age. You must be thinking, what is the problem in this? This is not a problem, if this waste is not harmful. As we live on a planet with limited resources, it is essential to effectively utilize every small material. Even the waste should be used properly recycled to protect earth and limited resources. You know very well, if these resources get over there is no mean to get these back. So, it is better to use these wisely. Researchers are now even looking for techniques to effectively recycle waste material.

There are different materials, which can be effectively recycled to protect environment and natural resources. Find below list of some of the major materials useful for recycling:

Kitchen and bio waste: Most of the kitchen waste and almost all the garden waste are easily recyclable. These can be used to make compost for garden. This is cheaper and better compost than peat, which is harmful for the environment. Garden waste can also be used for briquetting by setting briquettes plant. Creative people can also use garden waste and kitchen waste to make decorative items for interior decoration or garden decoration.

Metal: This is one of the common waste materials in most of the industries. As far as domestic metal waste is concerned, it comes from drink cans and food canes made from steel, aluminum etc. These metals are extracted from natural resources, which is harmful for environment and makes metal waste recycling essential.

Wood: This is the material, people have been using since beginning of human life. From furniture to firewood, homes, garden decking and construction material, wood is used for numerous things. This creates huge amount of waste, which usually goes in landfills. One of the effective utilization of waste wood is its use as fuel source in the form of briquettes. Briquetting press manufacturers offer different machines to convert wood waste into fuel source.

Glass: This is a material with easiest recycling process. Glass jars, bottles and other materials can be easily melted to convert these into other useful materials.

Plastic: This is the biggest threat for the environment. These harm environment for years sometimes more than 500 years. So, waste created by one generation, affects coming numerous generations with serious diseases. These destroy the complete lifecycle. The problem further increases due to difficult recycling process for plastic. Calling these a nightmare for the environment won't be wrong. Plastic bottles can be recycled to make textile insulation, plastic pipes and flower pots.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Use Peat Briquettes to Protect Environment

Due to ever increasing cost of fossil fuel and its negative impacts on the environment, there is dire need of some economic and eco-friendly fuel. People look for affordable fuel sources, which burn for a longer period of time without affecting our surroundings. Their search comes to a halt at peat briquettes. These slow-burning logs offer tremendous heat without creating much heat.

Though there are people who opine that peat briquettes are not safe for the environment if used for a longer period of time, the researches prove it wrong. Peat briquettes can be easily used for multiple uses like for domestic kitchens, barbeque and other outdoor fire. Like coal briquettes, these are also stacked up in the fire for slow-burning for a longer period of time. These are popular in countries like UK and India, with plentiful availability of peat. There is huge demand of biomass briquetting plant in India. Manufacturers of briquettes from all across the world prefer machines made in India due to their high-quality and cost-effective prices.

Low ash and low sulphur content are the major factors, which make these briquettes environment friendly. Modern machines with effective production techniques make these more popular. The advanced briquette press machine extract toxins from the raw material and produce fuel which is carbon neutral. It means these neither create nor reduce carbon footprints in the environment.

People claim some briquettes to be harmful for the environment due to the additives and chemicals used in these. But there is solution for this. You can easily find high-quality briquette press machine that works without any additives and binders. The extreme pressure by the machine helps the peat bind together in the form of briquettes. These are completely safe for the surrounding and atmosphere. These are completely carbon neutral and reply for the people who say briquettes are not safe to use.

With the growing sense of social responsibility many individuals, industries and companies have started using peat briquettes to protect environment. Peat briquettes are not environment friendly, only when produced or used ineffectively. If used properly, there is no better fuel than briquettes.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

How to Preserve Our Environment?

Have you ever thought what will be out future if we continue to spoil our environment like this only? Just imagine how will be life on a planet with no greenery, no water, full of waste and diseases? Got scared!!


Yes, this will be reality one day, if we don't take steps to preserve out 'mother nature.' Today one of the biggest goals is to protect environment from the ever growing pollution all across the world. Clean, green and safe environment is not only good to look at, but also plays a vital role in any country's development. If you are confused how to preserve environment, find below some important ways:

• Give preference to recycling. Try to use recyclable products to reduce global warming. You can collect the wooden waste created in your backyard or lawn and can pass it on to waste recycling companies like briquettes press machines owners to convert it into fuel source.

• Minimize use of air conditioner to reduce impact of chlorofluorocarbon emitted by it.

• Try travelling by public transport to control air pollution.

• Reduce air, water and land pollution by disposing waste properly and throwing thrash only in dustbins. Littering not only creates pollution, but also spoils beauty of the area where you live.

• Refrain from using fossil fuel. Substitute it with bio fuel. Briquetting press owners in India offer high-quality briquettes, which are cheaper, that fossil fuel and have eco-friendly nature.

• Plant trees or make a small nursery on your rooftop. It purifies the air and helps us get better air to breathe.

• Reduce energy consumption and global warming by switching off unused electronic appliances.

• Dispose of chemicals properly, for this can cause serious health risks and pollution.


These are some of the easy-to-follow ways to protect nature and get fresh air to live healthy life.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

What Are the Factors Affecting Coal Briquetting Production Process?

Briquetting is one of the fastest growing businesses in today's world. With more and more awareness about clean environment, people now understand the importance of eco-friendly fuel to control pollution. The major technique used for this is to boycott fossil fuel and use biomass fuel made from agro waste. The final product used as fuel source is called coal briquettes. Coal briquetting is done both at domestic and industrial level. There are several factors which affect both the production lines. Here our focus will be on commercial briquetting and the factors that affect it.

Binder: The first factor that impacts quality of briquettes and overall production line is choice of binder. The binder quality has direct impact on coal briquettes density and hardness. Biomass briquettes manufacturers in India should select binder according to the raw material, its properties and the final quality of the product they need. Price is also an important factor you should consider while selecting a binder for coal briquetting.

Material quality: Particle size and hardness of the raw material has direct impact on the compression process. The briquetting machines provide the quality of briquettes as per the raw material put in it. Uniformity of the material will help you get high quality briquettes. You should be very careful while selecting the raw material. Check the machine's capacity and features, to use right material in required particle size. For large size products, different other machines are available like wood powder making machine. You can first crush the raw material in it, before processing it for briquette making. Biomass briquettes machine suppliers also deal in these machines to save time and efforts of the clients of going somewhere else to get right machine.

Moisture level: In countries like India, where different weathers are there, raw materials have different moisture level. To get high quality biomass briquettes in India, you should ensure right moisture level. Both higher and lower moisture level than the required level can impact coal briquetting production. Wrong moisture level can spoil the whole production line by making unshaped and less dense briquettes, which will also emit gases on burning.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Does Your Business Dispose Of Waste As Per Legal Rules?

Businesses run in England are bound by legal obligations to properly store, manage and dispose of the waste created during manufacturing and production process. This is your responsibility to keep yourself updated with the state's waste legislation and abide by it.

What is considered as safe waste disposal as per law?

There are situations when legal authorities pass the laws, but don't clarify what is the right method to follow it. Most of the businesses get confused with what is the right waste disposal technique for commercial waste. Well, to avoid any type of legal processing and fine, you should follow 'The Environmental Protection Act 1990'. In this you will find the right technique for waste disposal on land, water and air to control pollution in England and Scotland.

To make it easy for you, we have compiled some questions you can ask yourself to find out if you dispose of waste legally or not.

• Have you made commercial waste agreement with any authorized waste carrier?

• Do you get a Waste Transfer Note from your waste carrier?

• Do you fill you waste in appropriate container for proper recycling?

• How regularly and quickly the filled waste containers removed from your complex?

Negative answer even for a single question above can cause you serious risks like a hefty fine up to £5000.

What should you do?

The first thing is to checkout appropriate waste recycling techniques for the type of waste your commercial unit creates. For instance wooden or agro waste can be used to make renewable energy source. There are briquette press machine suppliers in India and other countries providing affordable machines, which can be easily installed in the commercial complex to make briquettes. You can use these briquettes in boilers or furnaces.

If not possible, you can also take help of professional waste collection and recycling companies to follow the legal obligations and protect environment. These companies will also guide you with the state laws and techniques to follow the laws to avoid any penalty and fine.