Monday, 25 May 2015

Use Peat Briquettes to Protect Environment

Due to ever increasing cost of fossil fuel and its negative impacts on the environment, there is dire need of some economic and eco-friendly fuel. People look for affordable fuel sources, which burn for a longer period of time without affecting our surroundings. Their search comes to a halt at peat briquettes. These slow-burning logs offer tremendous heat without creating much heat.

Though there are people who opine that peat briquettes are not safe for the environment if used for a longer period of time, the researches prove it wrong. Peat briquettes can be easily used for multiple uses like for domestic kitchens, barbeque and other outdoor fire. Like coal briquettes, these are also stacked up in the fire for slow-burning for a longer period of time. These are popular in countries like UK and India, with plentiful availability of peat. There is huge demand of biomass briquetting plant in India. Manufacturers of briquettes from all across the world prefer machines made in India due to their high-quality and cost-effective prices.

Low ash and low sulphur content are the major factors, which make these briquettes environment friendly. Modern machines with effective production techniques make these more popular. The advanced briquette press machine extract toxins from the raw material and produce fuel which is carbon neutral. It means these neither create nor reduce carbon footprints in the environment.

People claim some briquettes to be harmful for the environment due to the additives and chemicals used in these. But there is solution for this. You can easily find high-quality briquette press machine that works without any additives and binders. The extreme pressure by the machine helps the peat bind together in the form of briquettes. These are completely safe for the surrounding and atmosphere. These are completely carbon neutral and reply for the people who say briquettes are not safe to use.

With the growing sense of social responsibility many individuals, industries and companies have started using peat briquettes to protect environment. Peat briquettes are not environment friendly, only when produced or used ineffectively. If used properly, there is no better fuel than briquettes.

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