Saturday, 23 May 2015

How to Preserve Our Environment?

Have you ever thought what will be out future if we continue to spoil our environment like this only? Just imagine how will be life on a planet with no greenery, no water, full of waste and diseases? Got scared!!


Yes, this will be reality one day, if we don't take steps to preserve out 'mother nature.' Today one of the biggest goals is to protect environment from the ever growing pollution all across the world. Clean, green and safe environment is not only good to look at, but also plays a vital role in any country's development. If you are confused how to preserve environment, find below some important ways:

• Give preference to recycling. Try to use recyclable products to reduce global warming. You can collect the wooden waste created in your backyard or lawn and can pass it on to waste recycling companies like briquettes press machines owners to convert it into fuel source.

• Minimize use of air conditioner to reduce impact of chlorofluorocarbon emitted by it.

• Try travelling by public transport to control air pollution.

• Reduce air, water and land pollution by disposing waste properly and throwing thrash only in dustbins. Littering not only creates pollution, but also spoils beauty of the area where you live.

• Refrain from using fossil fuel. Substitute it with bio fuel. Briquetting press owners in India offer high-quality briquettes, which are cheaper, that fossil fuel and have eco-friendly nature.

• Plant trees or make a small nursery on your rooftop. It purifies the air and helps us get better air to breathe.

• Reduce energy consumption and global warming by switching off unused electronic appliances.

• Dispose of chemicals properly, for this can cause serious health risks and pollution.


These are some of the easy-to-follow ways to protect nature and get fresh air to live healthy life.

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