Thursday, 14 May 2015

What Are the Factors Affecting Coal Briquetting Production Process?

Briquetting is one of the fastest growing businesses in today's world. With more and more awareness about clean environment, people now understand the importance of eco-friendly fuel to control pollution. The major technique used for this is to boycott fossil fuel and use biomass fuel made from agro waste. The final product used as fuel source is called coal briquettes. Coal briquetting is done both at domestic and industrial level. There are several factors which affect both the production lines. Here our focus will be on commercial briquetting and the factors that affect it.

Binder: The first factor that impacts quality of briquettes and overall production line is choice of binder. The binder quality has direct impact on coal briquettes density and hardness. Biomass briquettes manufacturers in India should select binder according to the raw material, its properties and the final quality of the product they need. Price is also an important factor you should consider while selecting a binder for coal briquetting.

Material quality: Particle size and hardness of the raw material has direct impact on the compression process. The briquetting machines provide the quality of briquettes as per the raw material put in it. Uniformity of the material will help you get high quality briquettes. You should be very careful while selecting the raw material. Check the machine's capacity and features, to use right material in required particle size. For large size products, different other machines are available like wood powder making machine. You can first crush the raw material in it, before processing it for briquette making. Biomass briquettes machine suppliers also deal in these machines to save time and efforts of the clients of going somewhere else to get right machine.

Moisture level: In countries like India, where different weathers are there, raw materials have different moisture level. To get high quality biomass briquettes in India, you should ensure right moisture level. Both higher and lower moisture level than the required level can impact coal briquetting production. Wrong moisture level can spoil the whole production line by making unshaped and less dense briquettes, which will also emit gases on burning.

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