Monday, 12 January 2015

Pros and Cons of Biofuels Machines

Biofuel is a fuel which is produced from living organisms. Plant based fuels can be grown anywhere and have low carbon emission as compared to fossil fuels. These biofuels are commonly used today due to rise in price as well as shortage of fuels like crude oil. Let’s have a look over the advantages and disadvantages of it:


1. Sources are easily available

Gasoline is obtained from crude oil which is a non-renewable resource. Although we have huge amount of crude oil available in current reservoirs but they will end sometime. On the other hand, biofuel is made from natural sources like waste from crop, manure, and specifically grown plants. All these sources are easily available and will last for centuries.

2. Cost

It is true that biofuel formation cost almost equal to gasoline. But if we compare both, biofuel is a cleaner and environment friendly fuel. It means they don’t leave carbon footprints. Biofuel require less maintenance and keep the engine running for years. All these reasons are sufficient to prove bio fuel is a cost effective fuel.

3. Minimize greenhouse gases

Burning of fossil fuels doesn’t cause emission in greenhouses gases like methane and other poisonous gases. On the other side, fossil fuels burning evolve harmful greenhouse gases.

4. Renewable

Most of the fossil fuels will end someday. Since sources like manure, switchgrass, soyabeans, corn, waste from plants and crops are not likely to end any time soon. This makes biofuel efficient in nature as plants and crops can be easily grow again and again.

5. Reduce dependency on non-renewable fossil fuels

Being an alternate source of fuel, biofuels reduces reliance on the non renewable fossil fuels like gasoline and coal. Biofuel machines are used to made biofuels in a cost effective and effortless manner. These machines are also requires one time investment and the rest is just profit.

6. Economic growth

Most of the countries import crude oil from other countries which puts a huge dent in the economy and rise in the price of these fuels. As the dependency on biofuel will increase, it will also create new job opportunities and lead to economic growth.

7. Reduces pollution

It reduces pollution as it doesn’t emit any harmful gas emission.


1. Cost of production

Due to high cost of production a lot of capital is required. If demand increases in future, it will automatically be quite expansive.

2. Fertilizers

Production of biofuel from crops is a common process. These crops require a lot of fertilizers to grow better. These fertilizers contain nitrogen and phosphorus. The disadvantage of these fertilizers is they can cause water pollution and also harms surrounding environment.

3. Shortage of Food

Biofuel are obtained from plants and crops which contain high level of sugar. However most of these crops are used as food crops. This crop takes a lot of agriculture space which can otherwise be used for production of other foods. Although, it don’t cause acute shortage of food but still affects a little on it.