Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Can Animal Waste Be Useful?

Huge quantity of animal waste is a concern for the animal owners. Throwing it in landfills create harmful gases and pollute environment. Though animal waste is used as bio fuel for decades, the technique used is very harmful. Recycling of animal waste through advanced techniques has multiple benefits: pollution control, natural resources protection and money as well as energy saving.

People who are updated with the latest technologies and know about different machines can easily convert the waste into a profitable thing. They know how to make money from animal poop. Briquetting plants can easily process the dried animal waste to make briquettes. These are used as an alternate energy source of fossil fuels.

What more??

This is a renewable energy source with sustainable growth. So, if you know the right techniques, you will never call animal waste a poop, for it will be a raw-material for you.

In villages you must have seen females burning dung cakes in earthen lamps. Though it is also an energy source, but the amount of pollution and CO2 created by it is very high. Processing of the waste into machines takes out these drawbacks and makes it useful for the user as well as the environment.

There are various benefits of using briquetting machines for conversion of animal waste into briquettes:

• The solid material after processing can be used as bedding.

• The owner can generate new revenue sources by selling the briquettes to industries.

• The unhygienic surrounding and diseases created by the fly population on the manure can be controlled.

• Biogas can be used as the electricity source in villages or areas with pool power supply.

After knowing so many uses of animal waste, I guess you won’t call it a waste anymore. You can also combine animal manure with other biomass waste like crops residues, furniture waste, sawdust and construction waste to generate briquettes of varied qualities.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

What Is Difference Between Biomass Briquettes And Fossil Fuels?

Biomass briquettes and fossil fuel, both are energy sources. Both of these provide energy to households and industries for regular functioning. Though the major function is same, biomass briquettes and fossil fuel have numerous differences. The major among these is the suitability for nature and the users.

Fossil fuel pollutes the environment with harmful gases, while biomass briquettes are completely safe with zero emission of harmful gases. Biomass briquetting press suppliers offer high-quality machines with smooth processing. These machines make briquetting easy and play a vital role in the popularity of this renewable energy source.

Have a look at other differences between fossil fuel and briquettes to find out which energy source is suitable for you.

Renewable energy source: Biomass briquettes are renewable energy source, while fossil fuels are available in limited quantity.

Electricity generation: Fossil fuels have high electricity generation capacity, but with high amount of pollution. On the other hand briquettes provide limited energy but with no risk of pollution or harmful gases. This is the major risk making briquetting more popular over fossil fuels.

Protection of nature: Fossil fuels are harmful for nature in every sense; from extraction to burning. Biomass briquetting is a waste recycling technique that not only helps protect natural resources, but also our 'mother nature.' Briquette press machine available in India can process a wide range of biomass waste to convert it into briquettes.

Multiple benefits: Fossil fuel can be used just to burn in the fireplaces, while briquettes provide multiple benefits to the owners. For the final users these are energy source, while for the owners of wood waste, briquettes work as an additional income source.

Biomass briquetting is highly beneficial for rural people having agriculture waste and animal waste. They can effectively use this waste to make briquettes. Further, if you have creative mind, you can also transform this waste into other creative items like d├ęcor items for garden, small stools, furniture etc., which is not possible with fossil fuel.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

What Are The Limitations Of Biomass Energy?

Biomass energy and briquette making is an effective technique to get renewable energy, but with some limitations. No doubt it is an unmatched solution for the harmful effects and limited availability of fossil fuels. Many countries have already understood the importance of this energy replacement and started using it. Though there are advanced machines and technique to get biomass energy, people need to be very careful.

Limited availability of raw material: In agriculture based countries, people might not feel shortage of raw material for production of briquettes, but for other countries it might get difficult to get the raw material throughout the year. These countries use agriculture land to grow plants for briquetting, which is not suitable for the country. This has adverse impact on the ecosystems and causes climate crisis.

Limited awareness: Yes, briquetting has got popularity in developed countries, but people in developing countries are still unaware of its benefits. They do not save the waste material and throw it anywhere. If they are educated about the importance of waste recycling, they can collect the waste material and can handover it to the waste recycling companies. Briquetting machine exporters provide high quality machines to the different countries for effective waste recycling.
Power supply: Installing a briquetting plant in villages with limited power supply is of no use. This will be more like blocking the money than investment. In these areas, people can opt for manual briquetting machines. The only problem with these machines is time taking process due to manual process. Electronic machines can perform the waste recycling process and briquetting task quickly and more efficiently.

But if used effectively, biomass energy just has benefits. This sustainable energy source offers exciting opportunities with less dependency on fossil fuels. By replacing fossil fuels with briquettes, people can also control the climate change conditions and hope for a better world. The only need is to collect the waste at one place instead of throwing it in landfills or rivers. Even domestic waste like food, garden waste, papers, cartons etc. can be processed in the briquetting machines to convert into fuel source.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Can Energy Requirements Be Fulfilled Without Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are the main energy source. From domestic kitchens to industrial boilers, these meet the energy requirements of different sectors. With rapid industrialization there is huge increase in energy demand, but the resources are limited.

The question here is, ‘will available resources of fossil fuels be able to meet future energy requirements?’

In simplest worlds, no! If the extraction of natural resources continues in the same way, the time is not away when people will crave for oil, petroleum and other energy sources. The impact can be noticed now with the rapidly growing oil prices. The oil producing companies understand the value of fossil fuels and demand whatever price they want.

As per the final chapters of David Mitchell’s 2014 novel ‘The Bone Clocks’, in 2043 fossil fuels will be over; nuclear power stations will melt down; there will be no access to electricity grids and solar panels will be too expensive that they will looted. If excessive mining of natural resources and devastation of the climate continues like this, the time is not far away when there will be no energy source.

This is the right time when people should switch to alternate energy sources to strike a right balance. Use of alternate energy sources like biomass gas, briquettes, wind power etc. will reduce fossil fuel demand and save the planet.

Researchers and scientists have come up with innovative techniques and equipments to create alternate energy sources. One among them is briquetting machine. Briquetting press machine suppliers provide machines like Jumbo BRQ in all across the world to help people get an alternate energy source to protect fossil fuels and the nature from their harmful impacts.

These energy sources are equally effective for domestic and industrial purposes. By using biomass energy and fossil fuels in a right ratio, you can protect the environment as well as natural resources. As the effects of mining of natural resources of fossil fuels are already evident from the increasing natural disasters like earthquake, floods etc.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Reduce Waste and Mitigate Negative Environmental Impacts

'Reduce, reuse and recycle' is the simplest and easy-to-follow process to protect environment. This is a step-by-step process starting with reduction of waste. You will be amazed to look at the simple techniques of reducing waste at home and in office. Let's have a look at a few of them:

Waste Reduction Techniques for Home:

• Save water by reducing shower time.

• Either repair torn pair of clothes or give these to needy people instead of  just dumping in the waste bins.

• Reduce energy consumption by unplugging appliances and switching off the lights when not in use.

• Use reusable containers to store food and reduce waste created by plastic wraps.

• You can also collect the garden waste and hand it over to briquetting press owners in India to get energy source. By this you can reduce use of fossil fuels in heaters and furnaces.

Waste Reduction at Work:

• Reduce greenhouse gas impacts by ditching bikes or cars and using public transport. It will also save money spent on expensive petrol.

• Opt for green working habits in your office by replacing eco-friendly LED lights.

• Keep a separate bin to collect paper waste and encourage employees to throw the paper waste in it to recycle the same.

• Print only when needed.

Besides this, you can also join hands with organizations working for environment protection. Briquette makers are one of them, who convert agro waste into fuel source to protect nature from carbon impacts. Briquetting press machine manufacturer offers different machines to process varied wastes. You can buy fuel from these manufacturers.

Small things might not look that important in beginning, but when you make a long chain of supporters, it can transform the world. So, start with your environment protection campaign from your home and encourage others to join you.