Sunday, 12 July 2015

What Are The Limitations Of Biomass Energy?

Biomass energy and briquette making is an effective technique to get renewable energy, but with some limitations. No doubt it is an unmatched solution for the harmful effects and limited availability of fossil fuels. Many countries have already understood the importance of this energy replacement and started using it. Though there are advanced machines and technique to get biomass energy, people need to be very careful.

Limited availability of raw material: In agriculture based countries, people might not feel shortage of raw material for production of briquettes, but for other countries it might get difficult to get the raw material throughout the year. These countries use agriculture land to grow plants for briquetting, which is not suitable for the country. This has adverse impact on the ecosystems and causes climate crisis.

Limited awareness: Yes, briquetting has got popularity in developed countries, but people in developing countries are still unaware of its benefits. They do not save the waste material and throw it anywhere. If they are educated about the importance of waste recycling, they can collect the waste material and can handover it to the waste recycling companies. Briquetting machine exporters provide high quality machines to the different countries for effective waste recycling.
Power supply: Installing a briquetting plant in villages with limited power supply is of no use. This will be more like blocking the money than investment. In these areas, people can opt for manual briquetting machines. The only problem with these machines is time taking process due to manual process. Electronic machines can perform the waste recycling process and briquetting task quickly and more efficiently.

But if used effectively, biomass energy just has benefits. This sustainable energy source offers exciting opportunities with less dependency on fossil fuels. By replacing fossil fuels with briquettes, people can also control the climate change conditions and hope for a better world. The only need is to collect the waste at one place instead of throwing it in landfills or rivers. Even domestic waste like food, garden waste, papers, cartons etc. can be processed in the briquetting machines to convert into fuel source.

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