Saturday, 18 July 2015

What Is Difference Between Biomass Briquettes And Fossil Fuels?

Biomass briquettes and fossil fuel, both are energy sources. Both of these provide energy to households and industries for regular functioning. Though the major function is same, biomass briquettes and fossil fuel have numerous differences. The major among these is the suitability for nature and the users.

Fossil fuel pollutes the environment with harmful gases, while biomass briquettes are completely safe with zero emission of harmful gases. Biomass briquetting press suppliers offer high-quality machines with smooth processing. These machines make briquetting easy and play a vital role in the popularity of this renewable energy source.

Have a look at other differences between fossil fuel and briquettes to find out which energy source is suitable for you.

Renewable energy source: Biomass briquettes are renewable energy source, while fossil fuels are available in limited quantity.

Electricity generation: Fossil fuels have high electricity generation capacity, but with high amount of pollution. On the other hand briquettes provide limited energy but with no risk of pollution or harmful gases. This is the major risk making briquetting more popular over fossil fuels.

Protection of nature: Fossil fuels are harmful for nature in every sense; from extraction to burning. Biomass briquetting is a waste recycling technique that not only helps protect natural resources, but also our 'mother nature.' Briquette press machine available in India can process a wide range of biomass waste to convert it into briquettes.

Multiple benefits: Fossil fuel can be used just to burn in the fireplaces, while briquettes provide multiple benefits to the owners. For the final users these are energy source, while for the owners of wood waste, briquettes work as an additional income source.

Biomass briquetting is highly beneficial for rural people having agriculture waste and animal waste. They can effectively use this waste to make briquettes. Further, if you have creative mind, you can also transform this waste into other creative items like d├ęcor items for garden, small stools, furniture etc., which is not possible with fossil fuel.

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