Thursday, 9 July 2015

Can Energy Requirements Be Fulfilled Without Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are the main energy source. From domestic kitchens to industrial boilers, these meet the energy requirements of different sectors. With rapid industrialization there is huge increase in energy demand, but the resources are limited.

The question here is, ‘will available resources of fossil fuels be able to meet future energy requirements?’

In simplest worlds, no! If the extraction of natural resources continues in the same way, the time is not away when people will crave for oil, petroleum and other energy sources. The impact can be noticed now with the rapidly growing oil prices. The oil producing companies understand the value of fossil fuels and demand whatever price they want.

As per the final chapters of David Mitchell’s 2014 novel ‘The Bone Clocks’, in 2043 fossil fuels will be over; nuclear power stations will melt down; there will be no access to electricity grids and solar panels will be too expensive that they will looted. If excessive mining of natural resources and devastation of the climate continues like this, the time is not far away when there will be no energy source.

This is the right time when people should switch to alternate energy sources to strike a right balance. Use of alternate energy sources like biomass gas, briquettes, wind power etc. will reduce fossil fuel demand and save the planet.

Researchers and scientists have come up with innovative techniques and equipments to create alternate energy sources. One among them is briquetting machine. Briquetting press machine suppliers provide machines like Jumbo BRQ in all across the world to help people get an alternate energy source to protect fossil fuels and the nature from their harmful impacts.

These energy sources are equally effective for domestic and industrial purposes. By using biomass energy and fossil fuels in a right ratio, you can protect the environment as well as natural resources. As the effects of mining of natural resources of fossil fuels are already evident from the increasing natural disasters like earthquake, floods etc.

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