Saturday, 17 October 2015

What Are Some Of The Techniques For Effective Utilization Of Agro Waste?

Agro – forestry waste offers remarkable ecological and economical benefits, if used efficiently. Implementation of better regulations for agro forestry will lead to ecological benefits.

There are many benefits of planting trees alongside agricultural crops such as:
• Preventing soil erosion

• Protecting crops from wind damage

• Ensuring proper drainage

• Sequestering carbon

• Allowing more diverse crops to be grown on the same parcel of land.

Our waste lands, forests and agricultural land if utilized properly will yield substantial entitlements and enviable returns to mankind. Let me present you some examples how agro-forestry can be utilized in a better way for sustainable development-

a) Utilization of wood to produce steam:

The forest wood and left outs from agricultural lands can be burnt to produce steam, which in turn is used for power generation through turbines. The power plant uses many other residues like coconut fronds, shell, fiber waste, cotton stalk, straws and stalks of all the plants , rice husk, coffee husk, saw dust, corncobs, wastes from grains like- millets, cereals and many more.

b) Converting agro-waste into bio fuel using Briquette press machine

It is an emerging and eco friendly method, employed to procure best and high class fuel. By using biomass coal briquette technology, in the place of the traditional fuels like coal, petrol, and diesel we can generate high density energy source. Briquetting plant is set up and fed with raw materials ranging from groundnut shells, coconut shells, rice husk, cotton stalks, sunflower stalk, pine needles, coffee husk and other waste from forestry like fallen leaves, tree bark, jute waste, etc.

c) Other uses:

In addition to bio fuel and steam agro-forestry also provides essential resources and services for cosmetics and medicinal use. Many timber wood, leaves and roots can be utilized further, and modified for proper utilization.

It is very necessary to increase the concern of global environment and particularity the benefits of agro forestry waste amongst the poor farmers.  Constant support is initiated by the government for briquettes plant set up.  Government is taking keen interest in raising concerns over sustainable development and utilization of agro-forestry waste.

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