Saturday, 24 October 2015

On This Diwali Make Money from Burnt Money

Burnt money!! I know you are shocked, how can someone burn money.
In India people spend huge money on firecrackers and what they do with them. They just burn it to get momentary happiness. So, isn’t it burning money?

Now the next question is, ‘how to make money from this burnt money?’
Firecrackers create enormous amount of waste in terms of paper and other materials used in cracker making. You can collect this paper waste and make briquettes in briquetting machines to effectively recycle the waste. Further, you can sale these briquettes as an energy source and can make money from the burnt money.

Is additional income the only benefit from briquettes from firecracker waste?

No, there are multiple other benefits also and the major among them is the environment protection. Firecracker burning in itself is highly dangerous for the environment. Made from harmful chemicals these contain copper, cadmium, barium etc. which create toxic gases when burnt and remain in the environment for long time.

The air pollution created from fire crackers is a big cause of many lung diseases like lung cancer. Not only this, when you combust the waste created from the firecracker burning, it further creates more pollution. By converting this waste into briquettes, you can get rid of the harmful chemical in it and get an eco friendly fuel source.

Though the major thought should be to minimize use of firecrackers on Diwali and celebrate it in eco-friendly manner, there are people who still use it. When we can’t control people from bursting crackers, at least we can control aftereffects by properly recycling the waste created from them.

So, after Diwali don’t directly burn the waste created by the firecrackers, just collect it and forward it to some briquette making company for briquetting process.

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