Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Is Feeding Livestock The Only Use Of Crop Waste?

For centuries, the only use of crop waste has been feeding the livestock. Theo remaining waste is burnt or just dumped in landfills.

The question here is, ‘can you use crop waste only to feed livestock?’

No, if used properly, there can be multiple uses of crop waste and one of the best uses among these is its recycling to create fuel.

Fuel from crop waste!!

Yes, it is possible. Firewood is also a fuel source, but with various negative effects and extreme pollution. Briquetting is a very helpful technique that converts waste into a useful material. With it you don’t need to pollute the environment to get rid of the useless crop and other waste material. Briquetting plant machine transforms the waste into solid logs that are easy to store and transport.
Corn is one of the crop wastes available in abundance. Another problem with corn waste is necessity of quick movement from the field, as it suffocates the land and affects its fertility. You can use it as an animal waste only in limited quantity. What about the remaining residue?

Make briquettes from it and use it as an energy efficient and eco-friendly fuel source. But to get maximum benefits from this advanced technology, people need to change their habits. We need to be more cautious about our environment and surroundings.

We should not just think about getting rid of the waste; rather we should be concerned about its proper disposal. By converting the crop waste into briquettes, farmers can create value from the waste.

This is a benefit, not just us, but the next generation will also enjoy. Recycling of crop waste into briquettes will help the coming generation get safer environment, pure air and ample availability of fuels.

So, besides animal feed, crop waste can also be used as animal bedding, briquetting and chemical making.

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