Tuesday, 15 September 2015

How Briquetting Plants Have Boosted the Economy of Rural India?

It has been rightly said that ‘India still lives in villages’. Since India is an agricultural country, it remains a livelihood for the rural population. The government has already sanctioned several policies to uplift the rural economy and make it self sufficient. The first priority is to lessen wastage and yield production. This will protect the farmers from intense fluctuations and give them a stable means of income.

Fuel still remains a major concern in rural India because food is still cooked using firewood. It is indeed an integral part of our lives. With the passage of time man has found various options to cater to the needs of fuel for survival. Fuel is a requirement in every aspect right from cooking, industries, aircrafts, automobiles etc. Forests are the only source energy and the traditional chulhas are a common site in Indian villages. This has compelled the need for an alternative source of energy to meet the energy requirement.

On the other hand, the lack of basic amenities still deprives the Indian villages to have a clean source of fuel. This leads to smoky houses and increasing number of health hazards. Scientific research all over the globe has proved that there is an alternate source of energy known as biomass fuel which can help to resolve the issue. This is the reason why biomass briquetting plants have been set near the availability of agro waste. It is a process of producing a renewable source of energy to fulfil the ever growing demand.

In today’s environmental set-up, recycling is the new mantra and nothing can be better than creating wealth from agro-waste.  Its potential has already been realised when the conventional sources of energy like coal, petroleum, lignite etc. are depleting at a faster rate. Therefore timely intervention can address the demand for energy needs. It is eco-friendly as well as energy efficient. The bio-residues, which are turned into briquettes are based on green technology is a carbon-free fuel and lessens global warming.

There is no doubt that technology has taken a new shape by introducing briquetting press plants by encouraging entrepreneurship for this profitable business venture. Over the few years, young professionals in states like Gujarat and other parts of North India have already invested in this project and taking it to new heights. They are doing their bit for the environment as well boosting the economy of rural India.

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