Thursday, 10 September 2015

Making the Best Use of Energy through Briquetting

Today, we reside in a society which has high degree of carbon content due to environmental pollution. In order to make our surrounding carbon-free we need to find a renewable source of energy. Our future depends on our ability to use carboneous energy and materials keeping in mind different kinds of environmental sustainability. The project is known as biomass briquetting plant which makes renewable energy machines across the globe.

It is important to understand our energy consumption pattern and resources. It is worth taking a look back at how human energy has changed over a period of time.

The briquette press machine suppliers like Jay Khodiyar have been into the briquetting industry since 1994. Briquetting is a process to change biomass residues like wheat straw, sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, sugarcane bagasse into properly shaped solid blocks. They have substituted the biomass fuel with wood in various industrial processes. The best part is that they are easy to maintain, transport and store.

With the help of biomass briquetting press machine suppliers you can make briquettes which are agro based and are completely carbon free. They are made of binder-less technology and leave a green footprint across the world. The biomass press project provides alternative and cheap source of fuel in comparison to fossil fuel like coal, lignite, diesel etc. Briquettes affect our environment in a positive manner and help to make a better tomorrow with the motto ‘go green and go renewable’.

Today biomass is the buzzword and this refers to the renewable source of energy. It is one of the best ways to recycle biological matter. All kinds of plants including those from sea and water bodies are thought to be biomass. It comprises of everything like corncobs, animal waste, garbage, husks and other waste things which we throw and forget.

Biomass is mostly made up of organic matters that comprises of carbon and have gone through photosynthesis and processes. It is mostly made up of plants that make use of lights and create light with the help of photosynthesis.  Instead of polluting the air, we can make best use of biomass to create energy and fuel.

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