Tuesday, 23 June 2015

What Are Different Charcoal Types?

Though there are various fuels you can use for grilling, but the taste that comes from grilling with charcoal is unbeatable. It is a laborious task from adjusting coals to controlling airflow and flare-ups, but the taste you get after so much hard work is really amazing. Yes charcoal is very important fuel for grilling, but availability of different varieties make is difficult for the user to choose right charcoal type. Let's make it easy for you by knowing about different types of charcoals:

Lump charcoal: These are made by burning wood into oxygen starved conditions. The wood logs are stacked into pits and burnt to remove water, sap and other substances from wood. The remained carbon logs are used as charcoal or fuel source. These are perfect to get quick and high heat for short period of 10-15 minutes. This gives a unique aroma of pure wood smoke to the food. If you buy a bag of lump charcoals, it will include a mix of different woods like oak, hickory and some tropical woods.

Alike the quick heating time, these also have quick cooling time. These lose heat very quickly, sometimes just in 30 minutes. These are not good for cooking when you need certain temperature range. Briquette press machine suppliers in India provides solution of this problem by giving an alternate fuel source. What is this? Read below:

Briquettes or hardwood charcoal: Alike lump charcoal, these are also made from wood, but the one that is of no use anymore. There are companies engaged in briquetting business. These collect a wide range of wood waste, animal waste, yard waste, construction waste and forestry waste to process in the fuel briquetting press machine. These are natural fuels with no additives and chemicals. What is so special about this charcoal?

There are many features like:

• Long burn time

• Smokeless burning

• Cost-effective rates

• Waste recycling

• Environment friendly

One more difference between lump charcoals and briquettes is there shape. Briquettes have identical shapes, while lumps are of different sizes and shapes which make storage difficult.

At final note, selection of a charcoal completely depends on your grilling type, griller and preferences. When you have to do grilling for less than one hour you can opt for lump charcoal and for longer period briquettes are good.

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