Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Are Briquettes And Biofuel Good for The Environment?

Bio fuels and briquettes are the fuels made from different types of organic waste materials like agriculture waste, animal waste, forestry waste and other wood waste. Many developed countries now use biofuel instead of fossil fuel. The question here is, 'Are these good for the environment?'

Let's first understand the difference between bio fuel and fossil fuels. Briquettes or bio fuels are machine made fuel source. On the other hand fossil fuels are natural fuels mined from natured resources. Coal, lignite, petroleum and oil are the examples of fossil fuels. These have available in limited quantity and have risk of getting over, while briquettes are made with biomass briquetting machine from wood waste. As wood waste will always be created, there is no risk of limited resources.

The major difference between the both is their impact on the environment. Fossil fuels are like enemies of environment with hazardous impact on it as well as living beings. Briquettes and biofuel on the other hand completely safe for the environment as these don't emit any harmful gases like fossil fuels.

Bio fuel is a renewable energy source with limited investment. The one who wants to make briquettes from the agro waste needs to invest in a briquetting plant. Once you own a machine, you can easily transform the waste into fuel source by processing it in the machines. You can again recycle the briquette waste to get fuel source.

As far as the raw material is concerned, you can process a wide range of wood wastes in the briquetting machines like rice husk, sugarcane waste, wheat straws, mustard husk, furniture waste, forestry waste, paper waste etc. The machines need a particular size of the raw materials to properly bind it in the form of briquettes.

How to get the required size?

As you know different waste materials have varied sizes, all of these can't be processed together in the machines. For this you need a biomass crusher to get the desired size of raw material. Once you get the desired size, you can easily process it in the briquetting machine to get high-quality fuel with zero pollution.

After looking at so many benefits of the bio fuel and briquettes, you must have understood how good these are for the environment and surroundings.

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