Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Comparison of Charcoal, Lump and Briquettes

People engaged in grilling process get different choices of fuels including coal, lump and briquettes. But most of the time they get confused with the suitability of a particular fuel source. The easiest way to understand which fuel source is more important is to know about them and their pros and cons.

Charcoal: It is the fuel source made by burning wood in absence of oxygen. Lump charcoal is also a same process where pieces of wood are burnt to make chunks of charcoal.

Briquettes: Though briquettes are also made with the wood, but from wood waste. These are processed in briquette press machine to convert wood waste into small logs for easy burning. These can be made both with and without adhesives. These are easy to burn with consistent burning.

Cost: This is the major concern when buying fuel. Briquettes are much cost-effective than coal and get preference of buyers. Even lumps cost more than briquettes. So when it comes to price of 3 fuels, briquettes are the clear winner.

Lighting time: When it comes to time consumed in lighting the three fuels, charcoal takes most of it. In this case lump gets maximum points with least time to get lit. The problem with briquettes is not the time, but the smell of adhesive, which most of the people hate.

Burn time: Nothing can beat briquettes in burn time. Due to high density, briquettes burn for a longer period of time than charcoal and lump. Charcoal burns faster and provides more heat, but for a limited period of time. Though briquettes urn at high heat for 10 minutes against 15 minutes with lump charcoal, these have long burn down time of 45 minutes which is just 30 minutes for charcoal.

Environmental effects: Briquettes are the clear winner at this aspect. Briquettes are made from wood waste, which is a recycling technique. Briquetting plant manufacturers provide different machines working without adhesives. These produce eco-friendly briquettes, which don't emit any gas.

So, briquettes are the best fuel source among charcoal, briquettes and lump charcoal. With affordable price, eco-friendly features, long burn time and easy availability of raw-material these gain maximum points.

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