Tuesday, 24 February 2015

It's Still Not Too Late To Opt For Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Environment of some countries like India is highly polluted and hamper natural growth. These countries lack pure and oxygenated air for a sustainable life. The changing environment as well as excessive exploitation of the natural resources has drastically affected flora and fauna. Some of the examples are the reducing number of many species of animals like lion, deer, crow etc., acid rains and deforestation.

The question here is what is the cause of this ever increasing pollution? Is it the excessive use of vehicles, cutting of trees for commercial benefits or use of harmful fuel sources leaving hazardous gases? There is no specific reason; rather all these factors contribute in environment pollution and unhealthy lifestyle. These pollutants create many diseases like cancer, asthma and many other lung diseases. 

Thankfully the researchers are coming up with the solutions of these pollutants. One of the popular inventions for environment protection is biomass briquetting. The briquettes plant put a check on harmful gases emitted by traditional fuel sources like coal, charcoal and lignite. 


Briquetting is a process of converting the wood waste into energy source in the form of briquettes. These are spherical logs created by putting extreme pressure on the wood waste like sugarcane waste, cotton waste, saw dust, leaves and other agriculture waste. The machines are filled with raw material, which convert the same into briquettes and provide eco-friendly fuel source. 

How eco-friendly?

As mentioned above, one of the major problems with the coal and lignite is emission of CO2 gas and polluted air. These also have risk of spreading fire due to small fire particles on burning. Against it, briquettes don't leave any harmful gas as well as fire particles. This is made possible due to high density of the briquettes. Another benefit is their long life. The briquettes work for longer period of time as compare to other fuel sources. This is made possible by the biomass briquette plant that produces briquettes without any harmful chemical or adhesive. 

If you are still using the traditional fuel sources, switch to briquettes today and bring a positive change in your lifestyle. It will not only help you protect the environment, but also your family and surroundings. You can either get a briquette press machine installed or can buy briquettes from the professional sellers. The only objective is to save the environment and offer the coming generation as safer place to live and enjoy life.

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