Friday, 13 March 2015

Importance of Briquetting Process in Modern Times

What is the major problem of modern society?

Yes, it is pollution causing hazardous and incurable diseases. Increasing usage of vehicles, establishment of so many industries and ineffective dumping of waste material are some of the major causes of pollution. Reducing forests and uncontrollable cutting of trees have further worsened the situation.

Increasing pollution is not the only concern, but the reducing natural resources due to excessive extraction of these are also a problem. The problem is getting complicated for there is no option than using these things like vehicles, boilers in industries and farming. In this situation, when life is getting difficult on the earth, briquetting process has come up as a boon. The briquette machine plant has a number of benefits and solutions for many problems faced by modern society.

In this technology the bio fuel is produced through waste material like wood, saw dust, peanut shells etc. This process has multiple benefits for the users, producers and the environment. Made from just wood waste and with no chemicals or binding agent, these briquettes are perfect alternative of fossil fuel. Find below other benefits of briquetting in modern society:

Cost saving: With decreasing resources and increasing demand of fossil fuel, there prices are shooting up. In this situation, biomass briquetting process provides a cost effective alternative. Further biomass briquetting machine suppliers offer cost effective machines to make it possible for the buyers to invest in machines and protect environment.

Tree protection: In villages in developing countries like India, people still depend on trees to get fuel. Here biomass briquettes provide renewable energy sources just from the fallen trees, leaves and other waste material. Agriculture waste is also a perfect raw material for briquettes. Another reason of replacing tree logs with briquettes is environment protection. Burning direct wood creates hazardous gases, while these converted logs don't emit any kind of harmful gases. Furthermore, these burn longer than conventional fuel.

Useful in different industries: The use of biomass briquettes is not just limited to domestic kitchens. These are equally effective in different industries dependent on fuel sources like paper making industry, brick kiln etc. Many companies in developed countries like UK contact briquetting press exporters in India to buy machines at affordable rates.

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