Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Jay Kodhiyar - Reputed Manufacturer Of Briquetting Machines

Jay Kodhiyar is a reputed dealer of briquetting machines in UK.  Since its inception, the company has always endeavored to provide maximum satisfaction to its clients by maintaining top-notch quality of the products it offers. The company deals in a wide range of briquetting machines including Supreme 75 model, wood powder making machine etc.

The company is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of briquettes as well as briquette machines. The main product of the company is biomass briquetting machine. The machines are used to recycle waste material and convert it into solid fuel.

There are various terms used for briquetting machines like briquetting press or biomass briquettes. Whatever is the name; all these machines do the same thing to convert waste into fuel. Based in Rajkot, Gujarat, the company supplies briquetting machines all over the world. The machines manufactured by the company convert different industrial, agriculture and forestry waste into solid briquettes, which are further used as a great source of fuel. Anything from sander dust to wood chips, tree bark, cotton flower, sugar cane, rice straw, jute waste, groundnut shells etc. can be processed in these machines. Extreme high pressure is laid on the raw material to convert them. The point to be noted here is that no adhesive or chemical is used to make briquettes.

Their quality of emitting almost no smoke and high density makes them a preferred fuel choice over traditional fuels like coal, wood etc. In short, if you want to lead a healthy life with eco-friendly surrounding, there can be no better choice than biomass briquetting machine.

A number of benefits of briquettes have made them popular in many industries. These have replaced black coal, wood and brick kiln machine. Be it the cost associated with the biomass briquettes or their effect on environment, these prove to be a perfect fuel. These make a convention source of energy due to their reusable nature.

At Jay Kodhiyar we help people save environment from getting polluted by offering highly efficient briquetting machines. By using these machines you can get maximum output in very short span of time and that too at very low cost.

By buying machines from Jay Kodhiyar, you can be sure to get the best quality and excellent technical support. We are always ready to help our customers and make briquetting a convenient process for them. We are a technology advanced supplier of wood powder making machines.

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