Thursday, 5 June 2014

Developing India Through Briquetting of Biomass

Nowadays there is lot of awareness about renewable source of energy because the conventional form of energy is leading towards carbon footprint on our planet which can be hazardous for us.

As kids we were often taught about saving our planet and making it a better place to live. The climate change is in news and everyone seems to be going for a greener tomorrow. Most of think that how can we live lightly on Earth and save money?  Luckily there are ways to save energy and reduce carbon footprint on the Earth. This is possible through briquetting of biomass which is not a new concept but still there are many countries that do not know much about it.

How to Make Your Environment Greener?

To protect our environment every individual must contribute his or her share. Usually the teens and children contribute to rising energy through utility costs and waste energy due to their habits like taking long showers or leaving the lights of the room open when not in use. Therefore it is vital to teach children about the importance of going green from a very young age so that they are environment friendly.

Start by being environment-friendly right from your door-step. There are various fun and easy ways to educate your kids about the importance of keeping the environment clean and green. One such way is by installing the briquetting machine India which by compressing bio-wastes like paper, bagasse, leaves etc.  They are renewable source of energy because when they give off energy than conventional source of energy they give less ash.  The method of compression and the kind of feedstock can dictate the kind of briquettes.

Today briquettes are used for number of purposes that comprises of cooking as well industrial purposes including generation of electricity. Some small business and households are also using manual and automatic briquetting machines in India for their personal use. Even commercially such kind of fuel is popular because it is cheap, available on large scale and made from waste.

Briquetting of Biomass for a Greener Environment

According to experts the implementation of small briquetting machine in households and for commercial use can reduce the amount of trash. In other it can lead to complete Solid Waste Management. This would also lead to less pile up of goods of uncollected trash and reduce landfill fires.

The farmers in India can be encouraged to use biomass briquettes instead of charcoal. Since the country produces huge amount of agro wastes it should be stored and processed to turn into briquettes with the help of Jumbo BRQ. Even sawdust is widely available which can also be turned into a renewable source of energy and making our surrounding better.

Read here about briquetting of biomass and know which companies have pioneered this process and contributing towards a better environment.

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