Friday, 30 May 2014

Briquetting Biomass Project: Making Our Lives Greener!

Going green is not only good for environment but for your wallet too. By making simple and inexpensive changes, you can save money at the gas station and on your electric bill too. Just imagine an entire year of living in a green environment and reducing the carbon footprint. Probably, you can inspire others to do because nowadays we talk a lot about climatic changes and devastating effects of carbon pollution on our environment.

Garbage Problem: How to Overcome the Issue?

Right from ravaging storms to food insecurity that are caused by changing weather conditions can leave their toll on our planet. Garbage dumping is another major issue in India and it is a vicious cycle in which the affluent throw garbage and it gets collected in the rural areas. To combat this issue the Delhi government is hunting for new dumping grounds and going for briquetting of biomass wastes.

The generation of waste is directly proportional to consumption and this in turn is linked to per capita income. When per capita income increases more money is spent on products which lead to waste. According to experts, it is the rich that produce biodegradable waste which is mainly plastic. It has been estimated by people living in resettlement colonies produce less than 200 gms of waste per person in comparison to people living in well-off housing societies which goes up to 800 gms.

Waste Management and Briquetting of Biomass

The waste management in the capital is not tough and can be done through de-centralization. The solution of garbage problem is not dependent on hi-tech machinery because there are cheaper, safer and less polluting which is possible through composting and recycling of waste materials. One such way is biomass briquetting project in which wastes are processed and turned into renewable source of energy that emit less carbon and leads to a greener planet.

Waste can be anything staring from wood, biomass to agro. Therefore briquetting is a process where some kind of raw material is compressed under high pressure to form briquettes of uniform sizes. In this process, the lignin content is liberated that helps to bind the product with a high density.

During the compression process there is enough temperature to make the raw material liberate adhesive kind of things that keep the particles intact. However to make this process work Turbo Dryer Machine should be used which will optimize the moisture content to about 6-16%. This is because high temperature can cause the moisture content to evaporate.  On the other hand if there is high moisture content the steam pockets will be formed leading to the expansion which will further destroy the briquettes. is one of the leading briquetting machine manufacturers in India that is striving to make our environment green and reduce the carbon footprint.

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