Friday, 11 April 2014

Which are Top Environmental Issues?

Human beings today are facing a number of environment problems. From different types of pollution to global warming, there are many issues which are harming the environment and ultimately human beings. Here is a list of top environmental issues human beings should concern about:

Global Warming

Global warming is one of the prime concerns for human beings. Global warming is caused by the emission of harmful greenhouses gases like methane and carbon dioxide. These gases are emitted due to improper combustion of gases during different manufacturing processes. Global warming increases the temperature of the earth which ultimately leads to the melting of the ice on the glaciers.


There are different types of pollutions including air, water, soil or land etc. All these are caused by human activities. Air pollution is caused due to mixing of harmful gases like CO2 and methane in the air, water pollution is caused when waste material is dumped into the rivers and seas. It also occurs when harmful chemicals of waste material get absorbed into the land and pollutes ground water. Soil or land pollution occurs when the heaps of garbage is left open at the street sides.

Scarcity of Fossil Fuels

Today, everyone is familiar with this fact that fossil fuels are limited. Still people are wasting them at a rapid rate. If it continues, the day is not far when we all have to live without these fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are non-renewable. It means they can’t be produce again once extinct. Thanks to the availability of alternate fuel options like biofuels, biomass fuels, and briquettes. These renewable fuels are cheaper, easier to produce, and are a best option to be used in the place of limited fossil fuels. These renewable natural fuels serve the same purpose as that of fossil fuels and are available in huge quantity.

Depletion of Ozone Layer

Depletion of ozone layer is another major environmental problem that will ultimately leave adverse effects on human beings. Ozone layer is basically a layer in the atmosphere which is responsible for protecting the earth from harmful ultra violet rays that comes from sun. These ultra violet or UV rays can cause skin cancer in humans and are also harmful for the crops. With the increase in industries and high usage of vehicles more and more carbon dioxide gas is released in the atmosphere which is directly causing to the depletion of this layer. 

Waste Material

Waste coming from residential and commercial areas is also one of the major environmental problems. This waste includes different material which is either dumped into the seas or burnt openly in the air which in turn becoming a reason for aforementioned environmental issues including emission of harmful gases and pollution. With the availability of waste recycling plants, waste material treatment can be done in an environment friendly way. But, people are not much aware of this; that is why we can see heaps of garbage around the roads and streets.

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