Thursday, 17 April 2014

Prime Benefits of Bio-mass Briquettes

It comes as no surprise that fossil sources of energy like coal and oil will be exhausted in near future. Therefore we should get into the habit of wasting less energy, changing our lifestyle and find out ways to save energy. It is important to understand the benefits of bio-mass briquettes because it is a substantial source of energy which is used for producing green electricity and other kinds of energy.

Before producing further let us understand what is biomass energy in details? It is the energy which is produced from trash which can be agricultural residues, crops, log resides, industrial woods and portion of municipal wastes which come under biomass stock. Biomass fuel is also known as bio-fuels which can be in any state of matter.

Biomass is abundantly found on Earth and it is easy to convert into a highly potential energy. It is also cheaper than conventional sources of fuel like coal, lignite, petrol or diesel. Therefore, briquettes machines can be used to process biomass briquettes which are re-saturation of waste lands. On the other hand unused agricultural lands are put into use that generates jobs in rural villages.

Briquettes are flammable cylindrical blocks that are made from compressed shredded combustion materials. No chemical is used in manufacturing these products but sometimes a biding agent like starch is needed to hold the matter and baked under high pressure. Some of the common materials from the environment like crop stalks, rice chaff, sawdust, mineral char and charcoal fines are used to process the matter.

Here are some major benefits of biomass briquettes:

• It is a dense fuel which makes it easier to handle, store and transport.

• Briquettes are uniform in size and superior in quality

• It reduces air pollution and lead towards a greener environment.

• It has low moisture content due to which they burn slowly that too in a controlled manner.

• Even utility industries are using biomass which can replace coal which is used as a solid source of fuel.

• Compared to other kinds of fuels, briquettes are cleaner as they do not contain any Sulphur.

• Even the cost of briquettes is less than conventional sources of fuel firewood and coal.

• Lastly, they are clean fuel which do not emit poisonous gases and hence known as ‘white coal’.

Fuel is an important source of energy and people around the world need it to lead their lives including major industries. It is like our basic necessity food and clean water but most of time we depend on fossil fuels to source out energy which in return has adverse effect on our planet. However energy produced from a non-conventional source has better benefits and makes our surrounding greener which is done at briquetting machine manufacturers in India. is a renowned and quality supplier of biomass briquetting machines that is used for manufacturing briquettes that have high calorific value and releases no toxic gases.

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