Monday, 21 March 2016

How Briquetting Machine Is Beneficial In Recycling Industries?

Gone are the days when waste material has no use. Nowadays waste material is used in various type of recycling processes. The concept of using the Briquetting machine for recycling is becoming popular trend today.

A briquette machine is used to recycle the non-biodegradable waste products. The ideology of scrap metal being recycled by a briquetting press, you can transform the overview and durability of chippings, filings, metallic dust obtained from aluminum, brass and copper and industrial turnings into relevant industrial productions.
A briquetting Press machine is responsible to form "briquettes" after hydraulic briquetting is performed. If you are thinking to install the briquetting machine in your industry, then have look on profitability resources through scrap metal recycling using a briquetting machine are necessary because:

• The machines are cost effective, and lowers the overall weight of scrap metal

• With reduced weights, briquettes are easy to handle and transport from one place to another

• Powdery waste materials can be reused for more recycling, for more profits.

• You can smelt the briquettes for re-use in the industry.

• Apart from productions, additional oils and emulsions can be squeezed out to stick the surfaces of metallic chips.

• Helps to reduce the floor space, raw material can be recycled again and again


• The briquettes produced by this briquetting plant have a rugged structure which can be reused in the construction industry.

• Each briquette comprises low electrical load, which is good for all

• Reduced costs due to low weight and volume

• The briquettes can be designed for fittings in case of damaged machinery.


Commonly, the briquettes are used in the form of fuel logs (recycling), due to their structure, composition and concrete surfaces. Furthermore, lots of options are available to expand its usage in various cultures.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts about how to use briquetting machines.

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