Monday, 4 January 2016

Biomass Briquetting: Not Just Greener and Cheaper

Apart from being a cheaper and greener alternative to traditional fuels, the easy availability of the agro waste is the reason for the increase in the number of briquette plants throughout the world. Many other advantages of using briquette will be discussed in this blog.

A briquette can be defined as a block of combustible biomass which is made from materials, like coal, sawdust, charcoal, peat, paper or wood chips that are compressed and can be used as an alternative to fuel and as kindling to start the fire.

Briquetting press machines are used for converting the biomass materials into briquettes, and their increasing sales throughout the world is a clear sign that industries and households have started thinking about using safer and cheaper alternatives to conventional fuels.

 Let us have a look at some of the other advantages of biomass briquettes-

1. Highly Efficient

As the briquettes are compressed into blocks with the help of briquetting machines, they are compact, and this quality increases their heating value. Moreover, they have low density and moisture content which further works in their favor. As compared to other types of fuels, briquettes can generate more intense heat. They also have a better thermal value and produce lesser ash.

2. Smokeless

One of the most amazing advantages of using briquettes is the fact that they do not produce smoke, carbon deposits or soot. Depending on what kind of base materials you use, they generate little or no fly ash. Moreover, briquette press machines don’t even emit any toxic chemicals or gases.

3. Easy to Make

While briquettes are commercially available in the markets, even common households can produce them with the help of a briquette plant, combustible materials, binder and a molder and you are all set to create your own renewable source of energy.

4. Easy to Store

The compact shape and size of the briquette allow you to store them easily. As they are produced in square, rectangular, cylindrical and cubical blocks, it is very easy to store them in heaps. Furthermore, they can be easily packed in bags.

Jaykhodiyar is one of the most popular briquette making machine supplier throughout the country. The perfect combination of functionality and durability allows their briquette plants to deliver outstanding results.

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