Monday, 17 August 2015

Briquetting of Biomass: Green Source of Energy

Today there is a growing concern about greenhouse gas emissions. The answer to this is to install fuel briquetting press machine in India to produce renewable source of energy.

Global warming is at an alarming stage and the most talked about topic of this century. It has already come to our knowledge that pollution is depleting the ozone layer that protects our planet from strong rays of the sun. Therefore the increasing threat of global warming has compelled the experts to find out about alternative sources of energy. The answer to this is green fuel which is a type of fuel that is extracted from plant and animal fossils.

Green fuel is also known as biofuel and considered to be environmental friendly. It has evolved as the most potential fossil fuel. It is the fuel which is formed by natural processes like anaerobic decomposition which is the buried dead organisms. The ages of the organisms are typically more than millions of years ago. The fossil fuels comprise of high percentage of carbon including coal, petroleum and natural gas.

According to a reputed biomass machinery manufacturer, a biofuel briquetting fuel should be set where all types of agro and forestry wastes can be converted into energy and fuel. In this way, the plant provides the optimum environment and temperature to convert into environment-friendly briquettes. The high quality briquetting machines are installed in the plant which aims at generating different sources of energy and fuel.

Biofuel is beneficial for us because they are energy resources made from waste of the living beings. They significantly help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and biomass helps to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The biofuel comes from a wide variety of sources like sugar, oil, starches, animal fats and converted into known process and technologies.

This is the reason why fuel briquetting press machine in India have been set up that produce eco-friendly fuel. It is an inexpensive fuel compared to other types of available energy. Today biomass briquetting has opted by a number of developed countries. It is not only for domestic use but used in industries as well. They have high production capacity and different models have been set up with various production capacities. In other words briquettes can be termed as extracting gold from waste.

The author is an online marketing expert and a freelance writer by profession. Presently he is writing about sustainable source of energy.

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