Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Use of Bio Fuel Is the Key to Solve Many Environment Problems

I am writing this especially for people those who are interested not only about reading but also doing or changing their actions accordingly to save the mother earth. Yes, you heard it right ‘the mother earth’. It is she, who looks after us round-the-clock. She produces food that we live on, similar to your biological mother who breastfeeds you milk when you are infant. She provides each and everything that you require: the wind from trees; the water from rivers; and food (cereals, vegetables, and fruits) from its soil.

It gives us ‘the mankind’ so much that even if we devote our whole lives we will not be able to repay its debt. Look at her tender self, how generous she is as she does not want anything in return. And on the other hand, have a look at ourselves how greedy we are; we use all its gifts and do not give a damn to preserve them. For instance; the water we take from rivers for drinking and other purposes, we do not utilize them. We misuse them. We dig up river beds for construction purposes. We recklessly cut trees on which humankind exists as these are the only source of oxygen that we breathe in.

Have you ever wondered what if all these things vanish once and for all? If you have not thought about it, I will tell you how severe it will be. There will be no water to drink; there will be no oxygen to inhale; and there will be no food to eat. The earth will look like a barren land divided into millions and billions of patches and this may take even uglier turn. So, if you are even a little bit concern about the earth and the existence of humankind, there are a few steps you can simply follow and tell others in your neighborhoods to follow to provide a little respite to the earth. Let us look at some of the possible steps that we can practice in our daily lives.

Use Less Amount of Fossil Fuels

It’s not that easy as it seems, but if we start taking initiatives from now on it will gradually help us eliminate the existence of carbon molecules present in the environment and simultaneously we can renovate or rejuvenate the mother earth.

Avoid Using Bikes And Cars For Short Distances:

Don’t you think walking to nearby distances instead of burning fuel of your vehicle is a healthy idea? If you buy this point, do not appreciate it but bring it in your lifestyle.

Use Bio Fuel Over Fossil Fuels:

Instead of using Coal, Petrol, Diesel, and other forms of petroleum product, if we start using Bio Fuel as a replacement we can control pollution to a large extent. Today, there are replacements for every fossil fuel like Bio Diesel, Bio Alcohol, Bio Gas, and Bio Coal etc. Let us explore some of these fuels:

Bio Coal or Biomass Briquette

Bio Coal is also popular as Biomass Briquette. These Briquettes are eco-friendly in nature as they do not emit any poisonous gas in the environment. Briquettes are made up of waste materials sourced from various sites, such as agricultural sites, forest sites, and construction sites etc. To produce Briquettes it requires Biomass Briquetting Machine. The raw material transported from different areas is processed under a couple of machines before going to Biomass Fuel Machine like Crusher, Shredder, and Turbo-drier.   

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