Thursday, 18 September 2014

Jatropha: Possibilities And Obstacles

Many experts sense that Jatropha as the possibility to India energy problem. Jatropha has the capability to free India from prevailing fuel crises. India is constantly looking for alternative sources of energy like the briquetting plants and others for its energy needs. Many feel that Jatropha has all the ingredients to be bio fuel for the fuel starved country. This plant has the huge capacity to make India as energy independence in the future.  There will be a sharp rise in the demand of the fuel in the coming future. The rate at which the burning of fuel is taking place is alarming. Rise in the number of automobiles and two wheelers in the last once decade also contributed a lot in the consumption.

Now let’s see how the Jatropha plant has advantage over other feedstock.

• The Jatropha is most suited for Indian tropical climate. The plant requires less water in comparison to other plants. It can easily be grown on wetlands. This is the great advantage as it does not require land which is reserve for the production of grains.

• The plant seeds yields more oil than any other plants like sugarcane, wheat et

• Jatropha plantation solves the problem of food security. Jatropha is non edible compare to material like sugarcane and wheat. Diversion of food grains to produce bio fuels can have adverse effects on the food security.

We have seen the benefits of the jatropha plants and how crucial role it plays to produce bio fuels

The plant has huge potential to meet the fuel requirements. It has all the positive attributes. But the decision makers lack the important information about the jatropha. Jatropha is a wild plant and experts should have all the important questions before cultivating it for bio fuel requirements. How much water is needed for its irrigation and does the plant require more water during its growth. There is a question regarding its yield as the plant has never been grown domestically. So there is a proper need to study the cultivation of plant for its proper utilization and to increase its growing potential.

Many experts are uncertain to invest in the Jatropha plant due to their lack of information. They are in doubt for commercial use of the plant for the bio fuel production. So, it becomes important to domesticate cultivation of plant before going any future. Lack of information could result in heavy economic loss due the huge amount of investment. Therefore a proper investigation is required before taking any further step.

Expert can find different types of seeds for cultivation of the plant. It requires a great amount of research before growing it as a regular crop. The Plant has got a huge potential. Beside that the plant can be used for increase water storage and to stop soil erosion.

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